A Nut-Free Custom Cake Studio based in Northern New Jersey, serving the NJ and NY Metro Area. 

Specializing in custom cakes of every kind, The Cake Fairy combines a lifetime  of baking experience with an artistic eye to delight our clients with the most delicious AND most beautiful cakes! We love what we do...and it shows!

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The most delicious cookie you've ever had. Really.

  1. Wedding Favor Cookies
    Wedding Favor Cookies
  2. Baby Shower Cookies
    Baby Shower Cookies
  3. Santa Belly Cookie!
    Santa Belly Cookie!
  4. Snowman Cookie
    Snowman Cookie
  5. Reindeer Cookie
    Reindeer Cookie
  6. Frozen Cookie Cake
    Frozen Cookie Cake
  7. Spiderman Cookie
    Spiderman Cookie
  8. Heart Cookie
    Heart Cookie
  9. Nurse and Doctor Cookies
    Nurse and Doctor Cookies
  10. NYC themed cookies
    NYC themed cookies
  11. Emoji Cookies
    Emoji Cookies
  12. Baby Shower Cookies
    Baby Shower Cookies
  13. Minecraft Cookies
    Minecraft Cookies
  14. Monopoly Cookies
    Monopoly Cookies
  15. Wedding Cake Cookies
    Wedding Cake Cookies
  16. Game Day Cookies
    Game Day Cookies
  17. Love themed cookies
    Love themed cookies
  18. Peter Rabbit Cookies
    Peter Rabbit Cookies
  19. Flip flop cookies
    Flip flop cookies
  20. ‘2’ Shaped Cookie
    Custom Cookie Favors NJ Cakes
  21. Snowflake Cookie Favors
    Custom Cookies Snowflakes Cakes NJ
  22. Monogram Cookies
    Custom Cookies Wedding Favors NJ Cakes
  23. Baby Shower Cookies
    Custom Cookie Favors NJ Cakes
  24. Star Wars Cookies
    NJ Custom Cookies NJ Cakes
  25. Snowflake Cookies
    Custom Cookies NJ Snowflake Cookies