A Nut-Free Custom Cake Studio based in Northern New Jersey, serving the NJ and NY Metro Area. 

Specializing in custom cakes of every kind, The Cake Fairy combines a lifetime  of baking experience with an artistic eye to delight our clients with the most delicious AND most beautiful cakes! We love what we do...and it shows!

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No Matter what age, an amazing cake makes it special!

A truly customized cake turns a birthday into a very special birthday!There are so many options for adult's birthdays! Whether they have a favorite team, sport, TV show, movie, or you simply want something beautiful, we've got you covered. We will design a special birthday cake they will never forget!
The Cake Fairy is a custom cake studio serving the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area. We are based in Northern New Jersey, only 20 minutes from Manhattan. We make custom cakes of every kind in our  wonderful new studio - from beautiful wedding cakes to fun birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, bridal shower cakes, anniversary cakes, retirement cakes, corporate cakes, bat mitzvah cakes, communion cakes, confirmation cakes, 3D cakes and sculpted cakes and many many more!! We also make cupcakes and cookie favors, to complete your dessert table at your special event. We deliver in New Jersey and New York. Our personalized service and our attention to detail set us apart from other bakeries that mass-produce cakes from cake mixes with lots of additives and chemical ingredients. Our cakes are custom made in our nut -free commercial kitchen using the best from-scratch ingredients. We don't compromise on taste, or on design. Your guests will love the cake, and you might be a little reluctant to cut it, but you will be REALLY HAPPY when you do! Because it will be DELICIOUS!  Contact us today!

  1. Wine-lovers Cake
    custom cakes nj wine and cheese board cake
  2. Mets Cake
    custom cakes nj NY Mets Cake
  3. Drum Cake
    custom cakes nj drum cake
  4. Rosette Cake for a 60th Birthday
    custom cakes nj sixtieth birthday cake purple gold
  5. 50th Birthday cake
    custom cakes nj fiftieth birthday cake buttercream cake
  6. Map of the world Cake
    custom cakes nj world cake map cake
  7. Buddha Cake
    custom cakes nj buddha cake
  8. NY Skyline Cake
    custom cakes nj NY Skyline cake navy gold
  9. Gift Box Cake
    custom cakes nj gift box cake lilac cake
  10. Paint Can Cake
    custom cakes nj paint can cake decorator paint
  11. Grateful Dead Cake
    custom cakes nj grateful dead cake deadhead
  12. NY Giants Helmet Cake
    custom cakes nj NY Giants helmet cake
  13. Bodybuilder Cake
    custom cakes nj bodybuilder cake figurine
  14. Book Cake
    custom cakes nj civil war book cake historian cake
  15. Queen Cake
    custom cakes nj black and white cake with crown
  16. Squirrel Cake
    custom cakes nj squirrel cake
  17. Guns n Roses Cake
    custom cakes nj guns n roses cake handpainted cake
  18. Dr Who Cake
    custom cakes nj Dr Who Cake
  19. Jewelry Box Cake
    custom cakes nj jewelry chanel box cake
  20. Succulent Cake
    custom cakes nj flower pot succulents cake
  21. Sugar Shoe and Box Cake
    custom cakes nj shoe cake stiletto cake shoe box
  22. Drip Cake
    custom cakes nj chocolate drip cake
  23. Baker's Cake
    custom cakes nj cake for a baker mixing bowl cake
  24. Sparkle and Dots
    custom cakes nj fortieth birthday cake black white gold
  25. Gold and Hand Painted Floral Cake
    custom cakes nj gold and floral cake handpainted
  26. Ivory and Purple Beauty
    custom cakes nj ivory purple gold cake sugar flower
  27. Puppy Dog Cake
    custom cakes nj puppy dog cake
  28. Yellow Daisy Cake
    custom cakes nj yellow daisies cake
  29. Mug Cake!
    custom cakes nj gilmore girls mug cup cake
  30. 1980s Themed Cake
    custom cakes nj 1980s themed cake 80s cake colorful MTV
  31. Police Themed Cake
    custom cakes nj police officer cake
  32. Hamburger Cake
    custom cakes nj hamburger cake burger cake
  33. Kermit the Frog Cake
    custom cakes nj kermit the frog cake
  34. Wonder Woman Cake
    custom cakes nj wonder woman cake
  35. Chanel Cake
    custom cakes nj chanel cake
  36. Mini-Van cake
    custom cakes nj mini van cake car figurines fondant
  37. NY Rangers Cake
    custom cakes nj NY Rangers cake
  38. BB8 Cake
    custom cakes nj star wars BB8 cake
  39. Yellow Rosette Cake
    custom cakes nj yellow rosette cake
  40. Record Player Cake
    custom cakes nj vintage record player vinyl cake
  41. Make Up cake
    custom cakes nj make up cake mac cake
  42. Football Cake
    custom cakes nj football cake
  43. Truck Cake
    custom cakes nj truck cake
  44. Seventieth Birthday Cake
    custom cakes nj wine themed cake 70
  45. Art Deco Birthday Cake
    Custom Cakes New Jersey Gold, Ivory and black Art Deco Cake
  46. 80th Birthday cake
    Custom Cakes New Jersey bicycle art easel cake
  47. Work Truck and Figurine
    Custom cakes NJ truck cake figurine fondant
  48. Ferrari Cake
    Custom Cake New Jersey Blue Ferrari Cake
  49. Iconic Sneaker Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Iconic sneaker cake
  50. Modern Gold and White Cake
    Custom cakes NJ Modern gold and white square cake
  51. Black White and Gold Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Black, white and gold cake with 60 on top
  52. Tiffany Inspired Box Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Tiffany Box Cake with white bow
  53. Roulette Wheel Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Roulette Wheel Cake for Adult
  54. Elvis Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Elvis cake with bling
  55. Army Shirt Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Army Shirt Cake with Fondant Medals
  56. Black and Gold Unicorn Cake
    Custom cakes NJ Black and Gold Unicorn Adult cake
  57. Beach Bag Cake
    Beach bag cake with fondant sunglasses and fondant flip flops custom cakes NJ
  58. Candy Cake
    Candy Cake real candy donuts drip custom cakes NJ
Adult Birthday cakes

Give them a WOW birthday cake - email or call us today to talk about a special cake!