A Nut-Free Custom Cake Studio based in Northern New Jersey, serving the NJ and NY Metro Area. 

Specializing in custom cakes of every kind, The Cake Fairy combines a lifetime  of baking experience with an artistic eye to delight our clients with the most delicious AND most beautiful cakes! We love what we do...and it shows!

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Birthday cakes the boy will love!

A truly customized cake turns a birthday into a very special birthday! A birthday cake from the Cake Fairy is extra special! Boys have so many interests and hobbies: from sports cakes to their favorite sports team on a cake, their favorite TV shows or movies, activities, video games, superheros and the list goes on and on! We can work with you to design an original cake to suit your boy, to incorporate his interests into a cake that will delight and excite him! 
The Cake Fairy is a custom cake studio serving the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area. We are based in Northern New Jersey, only 20 minutes from Manhattan. We make custom cakes of every kind in our  wonderful new studio - from beautiful wedding cakes to fun birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, bridal shower cakes , anniversary cakes, retirement cakes, corporate cakes, bat mitzvah cakes, communion cakes, confirmation cakes, 3D cakes and sculpted cakes and many many more!! We also make cupcakes and cookie favors, to complete your dessert table at your special event. We deliver in New Jersey and New York. Our personalized service and our attention to detail set us apart from other bakeries that mass-produce cakes from cake mixes with lots of additives and chemical ingredients. Our cakes are custom made in our nut -free commercial kitchen using the best from-scratch ingredients. We don't compromise on taste, or on design. Your guests will love the cake, and you might be a little reluctant to cut it, but you will be REALLY HAPPY when you do! Because it will be DELICIOUS!   Contact us today!
  1. Gold Black and White First Birthday Cake
    custom cakes nj gold black and white first birthday cake
  2. Sports Fan Cake
    custom cake nj sports themed cake sportscaster cake
  3. Spiderman Cake
    custom cake nj spiderman cake superhero cake
  4. Steam Train Cake
    custom cake nj steam train cake black and gold train cake
  5. Thomas the Train Cake
    custom cake nj Thomas the train birthday cake
  6. Star Wars Cake
    custom cake nj Storm Trooper Cake star wars cake yoda darth vader
  7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed Cake
    custom cake nj mickey mouse clubhouse inspired birthday cake
  8. Paw Patrol Cake
    custom cake nj paw patrol cake
  9. Boston Bruins Cake
    custom cake nj Boston Bruins cake sports logo cake
  10. Nautical themed cake
    custom cake nj nautical first birthday cake
  11. Power Rangers Cake
    custom cake nj power rangers cake birthday cake
  12. Ninja Cake
    custom cake nj ninja birthday cake
  13. Skylander's Cake
    custom cake nj skylanders cake birthday cake
  14. Lego Star Wars Cake
    custom cake nj star wars imperial walker cake lego star wars cake
  15. Storm Trooper Cake
    custom cake nj hand painted storm trooper cake
  16. Teddy Bear Cake
    custom cake nj cute bears first birthday cake
  17. Mickey Mouse Cake
    custom cake nj Mickey mouse inspired first birthday cake
  18. Pokemon Cake
    custom cake nj pokemon cake birthday cake
  19. Race Track Cake
    custom cake nj race track cake racing themed cake
  20. Circus Cake!
    custom cake nj circus cake colorful birthday cake
  21. BB8 Cake
    custom cake NJ BB8 cake star wars cake force awakens cake
  22. Hockey Cake
    custom cake nj NY Rangers cake hockey birthday cake
  23. Millennium Falcon Cake
    custom cake nj Millennium falcon cake star wars birthday cake
  24. Hockey Cake
    custom cake nj hockey cake hockey players on cake
  25. Sesame Street Cake
    custom cake nj sesame street cake big bird cookie monster elmo fondant
  26. Bowling Cake
    custom cake nj bowling birthday cake
  27. Lamb and Meadow Cake
    custom cake nj first birthday cake lamb cake meadow cake
  28. Polar Express Cake
    custom cake nj polar express cake hand painted cake holiday themed cake
  29. Minecraft Cake
    custom cake nj minecraft cake sword cake birthday cake
  30. Ninjago Cake
    custom cake nj ninjago cake hand painted birthday cake
  31. Daniel Tiger Cake
    custom cake nj daniel tiger cake birthday cake
  32. Football Cake
    custom cake nj football cake Super Bowl cake
  33. Mickey Mouse themed cake
    custom cake nj mickey mouse birthday cake
  34. Little Blue Truck Cake
    custom cake nj Little blue truck cake handprinted birthday cake
  35. Farm Themed Cake
    custom cake nj barnyard farm themed cake fondant cow pigs horse birthday cake
  36. Dr Seuss Themed Cake
    custom cake nj Dr Seuss Cake Cat in the Hat Cake first birthday
  37. Lion Guard Cake
    Lion Guard birthday cake boy custom cakes NJ
  38. Football Themed Cake
    Football birthday cake custom cakes NJ
  39. Fire Truck Cake
    Fire Truck themed cake Cake Fairy NJ
  40. Boba Fett Helmet Cake
    Boba Fett Helmet cake NJ cakes
  41. Brown Bear Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Brown bear cake
  42. Cars Themed Cake
    Custom cake NJ kids cake cars movie cake
  43. Darth Vader Helmet Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Darth Vader Helmet
  44. Mickey Mouse Cake
    Custom cakes Mickey mouse cake New Jersey
  45. Sports Cake
    Custom cakes New Jersey sports cake
  46. Brown Bear Cake
    Custom Cakes New Jersey Brown bear cake
  47. Sesame Street Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Sesame street buttercream cake with characters
  48. Disco Cake
    custom cakes NJ Disco buttercream airbrushed cake
  49. Nascar Cake
    Custom cakes nascar cake buttercream cake
  50. Police Themed Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Police Themed Buttercream cake
  51. Trophy Cake
    Custom cakes NJ Trophy Champion Cup cake
  52. Number 5 Cupcake Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Cupcake Cake in the number 5
  53. Super Grover Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Super Grover Cake
  54. Ninjago Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Cake, Lloyd from Ninjago
  55. Music Cake with Fondant Figurine
    Custom Cakes NJ Music Themed cake for a second birthday
  56. Dinosaur Themed Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Dinosaur cake with fondant Dinosaurs
  57. Construction Themed First Birthday Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Construction Themed First Birthday Cake
  58. Safari Themed First Birthday Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Safari Themed First Birthday Cake with Fondant Giraffe
  59. Dr Seuss Themed Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ First Birthday Seuss themed cake
  60. Spiderman Cake
    Custom cakes NJ Superhero cake spiderman cake
  61. Buttercream Train Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Buttercream Train Cake
  62. Monopoly Themed Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Fun Monopoly Themed cake
  63. NY Yankees Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Yankees Cake for a First Birthday
  64. Hamburger Cake
    Custom Cakes NJ Hamburger Cake
  65. Jaguar Themed Cake
    Jaguar Cake with animal print Custom cakes NJ
  66. Monopoly Themed Cake
    Monopoly themed cake with Fondant Monopoly Man! Custom Cakes NJ
  67. Roblox Themed Cake
    Roblox Birthday Cake Custom cakes nj
  68. Pokemon Sculpted Cake
    Custom Cake Pokemon Sculpted Cake NJ
  69. Ninjago Cake
    Ninjago Cake with lego and Blade Custom Cake NJ
  70. Farm and Tractor Cake
    Fun at the farm cake with Fondant Tractor Custom Cakes NJ
  71. Santa Cake
    Sculpted Santa Cake Christmas custom cake
  72. Sports Cake
    Basketball, Soccer, baseball, Football, birthday cake custom cake
  73. Super Mario Cake
    Super Mario Cake with Yoshi birthday cake for boy custom cake
  74. Soccer Ball Cake
    Custom Cake birthday Cake Soccer elmo elephant
Boy Birthday cakes

Give him a WOW birthday cake - ​ email or call us today to talk about his cake!